The workshop: take 2 (night)

The night rains a strong attraction over Jorge Santos (Silves, Portugal, 1974), which he uses in the most cinematographic form possible. The technique and lighting applied to his works, transform his pieces into scenographies that take place in imaginary spaces perfectly thought by the artist. Like a film director who adapts to a low budget, in the works of Jorge Santos the imagination works to the limit, so as to adapt his works to existing places, from whith he takes the most fitting: a piece is played on to a screen in an abandoned cinema, a video is projected on the staircase of a shaby residential building, and even a window are used to activate cinematographic mechanisms which resolve always – in-situ – with masterly technicality, imagination and cinematographic narrative references, which the spectator both enjoys and is grateful to recognise. They are small but great pieces, which have their own life outside of that moment and that place, for which they were created, because their poetry holds us, even in the aseptic space for an exhibition. And there is nothing better than to have the possibility of seeing his works in a temporary studio in Velázquez’s house, that we could even say was made for him. Thus on this occasion playing with the space available, Santos presents a piece on the floor, inside and outside to the studio. Black puddle and abstract map, Tragaluz shows us, with physical coordinates, the poetry of the artist, a synthesis of problems in space and lighting that interest him.

Virginia Torrente