Eternal love… I suppose that not even an artist that deserves such respect as Jorge Santos would be able to extract a word or phrase, let alone an article, about such a strange and haunting subject from this old hack… However in one of the most dramatic chapters of the work La máquina magnética (The Magnetic Machine) (2006), which proses over “the creation of the strict and abstract feeling, though total and maximum”, clearly the following can be read:

“There is something you should know: what you believed in,
What you fought for to build,
What this system did so that you could fulfill itself,
It is similar to that same system: it is made up of the creator’s matter which allowing him to create.

Yes, the work that you undertook is also like this
So, is it real or is it a mirage? Truth or a fraud?

Whatever it may be, it will not bring a comfortable conformity to the world,
Because she does not belong, to the world, but only to he who created her.
She will remind you constantly that you gave something to the world that is not from this world. Your work will come into shock with the world: she will never be part of it; she will never fit in because she is not obedient to anyone save yourself.

You are alone with her and she is alone with you. But no one can touch her, nor see her. No one can even suspect that she exists, nor understand her existence.

This is the value of I/You:
It be while you are.
You will be able to make of her due to her everything you desire.

That’s why you should know
That, even if you were to abandon her she will continue only for you while you are still you.
When she make it’s you that make her do so
And everything that happens only you can make it happen.

And so, just as we can read in chapters further on, “the work is like a stick jabbed into the water : the ripples that it produces effect the future, but also the past”, for this reason such creation is, by definition, omnipotent and immortal. Thus we deduce that, effectively, the creation – artistic creation or if we may say – eternal love – for instance, evoked in Johann Philip Krieger’s poem (1649-1725) that presides over this meeting – it is possible in practice, even though I am unable to forget my ignorance and lack of craft, I would always remember the artist that the immortality of his works (the painful Solitude demanded in its conception as well as its future use) are poorly linked between the artificers real condition that is perceived as perecível, frail and imperfect. Thus, he tends to confuse himself with one of the Others, and doesn’t see his own either.

Javier Rubio Nomblot

Note: The phenomena of fragmentation (which elude to the expressive title of the series, Fragments of Love Songs) and the regrouping which effect Jorge Santos’ works, already hinted in his initial works such as Árvore (Tree) (XXXX) or Sombra (Shadow) (1999) and his leaning towards cut forms – Tragaluz (2005), sculpture exhibited in this same Taller Ocupado – or silhouettes and irregular contours – Now the Night is Closing in (2003) –, clearly show that his process has a wholesome character .