The Language of Plants

The exhibition 'A Linguagem das Plantas' opens on January 30 (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.).until March 6, at the Giefarte Gallery.

In A Linguagem das Plantas, the artist Jorge Santos presents several series of paintings, as if they were "standard modules", provoking minimal and repetitive chromatic games. In space, works multiply in rhythm and pure color, in an analogy to the simplicity of oriental painting patterns. In this project, the artist perceives the language as a form and color, presenting in delicate lines the plants, whose compositions are determined by a "painting with scissors", in a dichotomy between flat and uniform colors, staging the movement and the lightness that flows . This privileged vision of the Plant puts the viewer in other conceptual aesthetic experiences, namely, the Belo and the poetic language of the work of art

DATES | January 30th through March 6th
HOURS | Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm and 3pm to 8pm
MORADA | Giefarte - Rua da Arrábida, 54 B-C, Lisbon
CONTACT US | (+351) 213 857 731 or
ENTRY | Free

Flat Image


Flat Image responds to the need for reduction in scale during increasingly unaffordable times. The works selected reflect on larger reality by making it into a two-dimensional image, bringing vast spaces into the confines of a small gallery perimeter. Artists Olivia Bax, Nicky Coutts, Theodore Ereira-Guyer, Sam Llewellyn-Jones, Felippe Moraes, and Jorge Santos are set in a prolific dialogue and in close proximity to each other. In the exhibition reduction is considered not only as the timeless effort to approximate reality through the limits of representation, but also as a practical and unpredictable solution to the problem of living expenses. Can a small space allow for a greater concentration of dialogue when artists come together? How does the flat image expand the confines of spacial and temporal scale? The show is a prompt to see the artworks as copies of interpretations of reality. What is gained when this information is shared and travels through the visitors?

Flat Image includes painting, sculpture, print and photography. It considers the potential of reduction of scale and space in the present constraints.

Flat image presents the works of six artists Olivia Bax, Nicky Coutts, Theodore Ereira-Guyer, Sam Llewellyn-Jones, Felippe Moraes, Jorge Santos. It is curated by Giulia Damiani and Theodore Ereira-Guyer.

Flower Ornament


An expression of the work of visual Jorge Santos and his privileged experience of nature, Flower Ornament debuts at the Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo's Museu de Artes Decorativas Portuguesas and is part of the side programme of ARCOlisboa 2017. Come to open it on may 11th at 6.30pm or visit it until june 30th (from 10am 10a5pm, wednesday to monday, at Largo das Portas do Sol 2).

Flower Ornament is an instalation gathering drawings of flower compositions made by using a printmaking technique called "blind or inkless printing", that prints by stamping/pressing a concavous hard surface onto paper. Jorge Santos' creations will be on display at the museum's temporary exhibition room, in a dialogue between the decorative arts (which set the venue's reputation) and contemporary art (where the artist is inscribed).

(PT) Entre / Between

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(PT) Bucólico

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